Parent Roster








Each age group is responsible for providing parents to help in the canteen or on the track as time keepers and place judges.

Please take note of when your childs age group has a duty and make sure that you place your name on the sheet that the age manager has.

Those parents who can not help on their alloted day will need to arrange to help on another day, Contacting a commitee member before allocated day. 

The canteen only needs 2 helpers at any one time and the track needs 2. Parents are not expected to cover a full 2 hour time slot. We expect parents to work together so that no one needs to do more than 30 minutes. This is why some age groups have been combined for the roster.

Every parent that does their duty will earn 5 participation points for their children,

Children with the most participation points at the end of the season will recieve an award at Presentation.